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Guided by the motto “learn continuously, live generatively” I am an adjunct instructor, corporate trainer, and instructional designer with extensive experience as a writer, marketer, and speaker.

As an adjunct instructor I teach business and communication courses with a specialization in social media marketing for Antioch UniversityNational UniversityUCLA ExtensionUC Santa Barbara Extension and other academic institutions. In corporate settings I have conducted business writing, communication, and decision making seminars. As an instructional designer I create entrepreneurship, leadership, and public speaking courses delivered on campus and online with learning management systems including Angel, Blackboard, Canvas, eCollege, edX, Moodle, and Sakai.

A lifelong writer, I have authored scholarly papers, feature articles, and Doctorious, a blog about my adventures with adjunctivitis – along with “EdX E-Learning Course Development,” a book for educators creating courses with the edX learning management system.  With more than a dozen years of experience as a marketer and consultant, I have managed brands, products, and projects in the healthcare, non-profit, and technology segments. A charismatic speaker I connect with audiences using sincerity and storytelling.

Educationally, I earned an MBA from Woodbury University and a Bachelor’s degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from UC Santa Barbara, where I was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. I also completed coursework in an organizational leadership doctoral program at Pepperdine University.

Raised near San Francisco, but born in Boston, I am a Bruins, Celtics, Patriots, and Red Sox fan. Fascinated with flight, I’ve had a lifelong love of aviation, science fiction, and comic book superheroes — especially Superman. When I am earthbound you can find me living in the Santa Barbara area.

I welcome an opportunity to learn with you and invite you to contact me. While here you can:


Below is a stream with excerpts from my five most recent blog posts and my five most recent tweets.

“Turn on, tune in, drop out.” This philosophy, popularized by 1960′s counter-culture icon Timothy Leary, could nowadays be communicated as “turn off, unplug, get outside.” Designed to help hyper-connected people celebrate the ancient ritual of a day of rest The National Day of Unplugging is a 24-hour period starting at sunset on the first Friday of […] [...]

Mon, Mar 10, 2014
Source doctorious

So this is 40. This past Saturday my odometer clicked over from 39 to 40, changing my age and my paradigm for personal identity. At least it’s supposed to, right? While 40 is the new 30 (or is it 50 is the new 40?), it remains a significant point in most people’s lives. According to Louis […] [...]

Mon, Feb 24, 2014
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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 12,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many […] [...]

Tue, Dec 31, 2013
Source doctorious

Richard Branson‘s got nothing on William Bradford. As the governor of Plymouth Colony for more than 30 years, Bradford oversaw the development of what could be considered one of America’s first entrepreneurial ventures. An impressive leader, Bradford leveraged his clarity of vision and accuracy of decisions that lead to the Colony’s impressive growth despite adverse conditions. But […] [...]

Fri, Nov 29, 2013
Source doctorious

Steve Jobs serves as a reminder that, sometimes, passionately pursuing your dreams — not a formal degree — is the secret to success as an entrepreneur. Likewise, a Wall Street Journal article questions the value of an MBA degree at startups — both the knowledge acquired and the cachet of the degree itself. The article introduces […] [...]

Sun, Sep 15, 2013
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Internalizing Søren Kierkegaard’s idea that “to be a teacher in the right sense is to be a learner,” I join with my students on a journey of generative learning

Sensitive to the unique experiences, challenges, and learning styles of adult learners, I assign projects relevant to their personal and professional perspectives. Believing education should create community, not competition, I combine learning with laughter to construct a collaborative classroom. Interdisciplinary, I welcome varied viewpoints and encourage my students to own their education.

Motivated to “learn continuously and live generatively” I embrace education because it empowers me to shape the lives of others while giving my life greater meaning.



Below are books, blogs, scholarly papers, newspaper articles, and magazine features I have written — along with works in which I have been cited. I have also presented many of these at academic conferences and industry events where I gave speeches related to the topics below.


  • Gilbert, M. (2014). edX E-Learning Course Development. Birmingham, UK: Packt Publishing. Manuscript in preparation.
  • McNamara, J. & Gilbert, M. (n.d.). Entrepreneur’s guide to human resource management and the law. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger. Note: canceled by publisher.


Refereed Academic Journals

Refereed Conference Publications

Refereed Conference Proceedings

Other Publications

  • Gilbert, M. (2005, March 28). At classic wire, they’re all brothers but only one boss. San Fernando Valley Business Journal. Vol. 10 (7) (p. 16).
  • Gilbert, M. (2004, August 30). Safety net: Wonder Years baby proofing helps give parents peace of mind by customizing houses to keep hazards for children at a minimum. San Fernando Valley Business Journal. Vol. 9 (18) (p. 30).
  • Gilbert, M. (2004, August 2). Royal reputation: Diane Knight’s persistence and a passion for baking has kept her Lady Di’s cookies in Valencia a local favorite despite news events beyond her control. San Fernando Valley Business Journal. Vol. 9 (16) (p. 22).
  • Gilbert, M. (2004, April). Preparedness, prevention and education: Your family’s strategy for survival in an emergency. LA Parent. Vol. 24 (4) (pp. 16-19).
  • Gilbert, M. (2004, March). Marc Germain: Mr. KABC. UCSB Alumni Association “Coastlines.” Vol. 35 (2) (p. 34).
  • Gilbert, M. (2003, February 17). Targeted campaigns bring in repeat donations. Marketing News. Vol. 37 (4) (p. 15).
  • Gilbert, M. (1996). Greek pride for life: UC Santa Barbara Greeks adorned their bodies with various tattoos, proving that Greek pride was more than skin deep. La Cumbre. Vol. 75 (pp. 88-91).
  • Gilbert, M. (1995). Doing it alone: For single parents, school often took a back seat to the needs of their children. La Cumbre. Vol. 74 (pp. 42-43).

Works Cited In


Listed below are academic and professional events at which I presented scholarly papers or gave speeches related to my subject matter expertise. If you would like me to speak at your event or organization please reach out and contact me!

Academic Conferences

Invited Presentations

  • Gilbert, M. (2014, February 26). Mixiplicity: The 4P’s of Your Marketing Mix. Given to students enrolled in BUSAD X411.1, Strategic Business Development for the Global Marketplace at UC Santa Barbara Extension, Santa Barbara, CA.
  • Gilbert, M. (2014, February 12). Leadership: Influencing by Communicating. Given to students enrolled in BUSAD X411.1, Strategic Business Development for the Global Marketplace at UC Santa Barbara Extension, Santa Barbara, CA.
  • Gilbert, M. (2013, November 20). Caveat Tweeter: Legal Issues and Social Media. Given online using ClassLive Pro via eCollege to MBA students in Marketing 653, Introduction to Social Media Marketing.
  • Gilbert, M. (2013, November 13). Leadership: Influencing by Communicating. Given to students enrolled in BUSAD X411.1, Strategic Business Development for the Global Marketplace at UC Santa Barbara Extension, Santa Barbara, CA.
  • Gilbert, M. (2013, February 23). Individual Goal Setting. Given to undergraduate students at the Theta Chi Fraternity Mid-Year Leadership Conference held at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Gilbert, M. (2013, February 14). Marketing Your Non-Profit with Social Media. Given to community members and students of Antioch University, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA.
  • Gilbert, M. (2013, January 30). Sharing your story with social media. Given to individuals and small business owners on behalf of S.E. Consulting, Curious Cup, Carpinteria, CA.
  • Gilbert, M. (2004, November). Clear Pixel Communications: An overview and introduction. Speech given to the inaugural meeting of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO), Woodbury University, Burbank, CA.
  • Gilbert, M. (2003, May). Analyze Clearly: A strategic summary of Clear Pixel Communications. Speech given to Communications 530 (graduate class of Joseph E. Massey, PhD), California State University, Fullerton, CA.


Below are descriptions for selected courses I have taught and/or for which I created curriculum:


Antioch University, Los Angeles

  • Introduction to Social Media for Business (MGT 590E): Designed for experienced marketers and those new to the field, this one-day workshop explores how social media has dramatically changed the way products are developed, marketed, and sold. Combining lectures, discussions, and hands-on exercises, this workshop introduces you to the top tools and strategies that will help you maximize your mastery of social media. We will explore the impact and potential of websites, blogs and search engine optimization (SEO); Facebook, Google+ and MySpace; Twitter, location-based services, and mobile; LinkedIn and the business of social media; music, photo, and video sharing; and social media management tools. By the end of the course you will walk away with an outline for a social media marketing plan for you, your business or any organization of your choice. Students are highly encouraged to bring a laptop to enhance their experience and make the best use of their time in class.


Empowered UCLA Extension

  • New Media Marketing (X 460.394): This course discusses how the Internet, the digital revolution, and the technological pace of change have dramatically changed the way products are marketed, promoted, and sold. Applicable for both veteran marketers who want to broaden their skill sets and newcomers to the marketing world, you will learn key marketing concepts along with the new techniques required to compete in a highly competitive economy. By course’s end, you leave with a new approach for marketing more effectively.


National University

  • Advanced Social Media Marketing for Business (MKT 654): Mastering business using social media is about sustaining relationships with customers and tracking them throughout the supply chain. Customer Relationship Management and the three M’s will be covered: Monitoring, Measurement, Metrics. Case studies will be used throughout the course to illustrate the mastery of the subject.
  • Intro to Interpersonal Communication (COM 120): An introduction to the principals and application behind effective interpersonal communication. Students will study various styles of interpersonal communication, apply different techniques, and evaluate their effectiveness. Important components of interpersonal communication that include listening, conflict management, and developing and maintaining relationships will be addressed in the personal and professional setting.
  • Organizational Communication (COM 344): Provides for the study and application of current theories and research on communication within and among organizations. Includes the study of the influence of management styles on organizational communication. Discussion of communication structure, functions, contexts in organizations, and communication ethics in organizations.
  • Public Speaking (COM 103): Introduction to the principles and practices of spoken communication, with special emphasis on the skills needed to communicate effectively in the workplace. Topics include platform techniques, interpersonal communication strategies, cross-cultural approaches and small group methods.

Summer Discovery at University of California, Santa Barbara

  • Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship (XLRN 861.9): Students learn the principles of investing and saving, including stocks and bonds. Discuss credit and investment, the difference between the NYSE and the NASDAQ, and how to deal with interest rates in an easy to understand way. Students make their own individual mock stock portfolios, and will monitor them throughout the class. Then, take your new found investing knowledge and research how to start a business of your own. This program is designed to help students take charge of their own financial life.
  • Student Leadership Development (XLRN 861.6): Organizations are only as effective as the individuals who work in them. This course focuses on enhancing students’ individual awareness, reflection, and effectiveness as leaders. Through a focus on self-assessment, participants will learn to appreciate the differences between themselves and others and deepen their understanding of what motivates people in social, school and working environments. The team is the unit of an organization where most leaders begin to develop influential skills. A team can be defined as a group of individuals whom you directly manage or those whom you influence on a project basis. Leading teams involves managing different personalities, cultures, conflicting political agendas, and varying skill levels. Through participating in and observing team dynamics, students will determine the principles of building highly effective teams. The pragmatic approach used in this course combines learning through classic case situations with experiences in leading team-based activities.


University of California, Los Angeles (Extension)

  • Consumer Behavior (MGMNT X 460.300): We are all consumers. We use Facebook, Match.com, Groupon, and have our favorite stores and brands. But why? In business there lies an importance to adopt a customer focus. Marketing, in particular, begins and ends with the customer–from determining wants and needs to ensuring post-purchase satisfaction. Moreover, even the same consumer can make different decisions depending on the situation. So as marketers, how do we create sound marketing strategies? With this class, where you learn how and why consumers behave the way they do.
  • New Media Marketing (MGMNT X 460.394): This fast-paced course discusses how the Internet, the digital revolution, and the technological pace of change have dramatically changed the way products are marketed, promoted, and sold. To succeed in this new economy, marketing and advertising concepts must embrace evolving phenomena, such as Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, podcasts, webinars, and blogs, social networking and virtual communities, mobile devices, and geo-local. You must learn to use these new tools and concepts to their optimal advantage to maintain an edge in today’s economy. Since email is still the best lead generation program for companies (followed closely by website registrations), this course explores email marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), website development and design and many more internet marketing methods and concepts. Applicable for both veteran marketers who want to broaden their skill sets and newcomers to the marketing world, you will learn key marketing concepts along with the new techniques required to compete in a highly competitive economy. By course’s end, you leave with a new approach for marketing more effectively.


University of California, Santa Barbara (Extension)

  • Buying Behavior (BUSAD X 409.47): Buying behavior is the study of why consumers purchase goods and services, and the multiple factors that influence their decisions. In today’s volatile marketplace, gaining a better understanding of consumer buying behavior offers distinct advantages when selecting target markets and designing market strategy. With a particular focus on the impact of the Internet on marketing, this class explains what buying behavior is and explores how to successfully reach consumers and inspire them to take action.
  • Communication Skills for the Business Professional (BUSAD X406.00): Your skill in crafting letters, e-mails, memos, and presenting your ideas will determine how effectively you deliver your message to, or on behalf of, your organization. In this course students learn strategies for working well with others, including being attentive when others are speaking and responding effectively to others’ comments during a discussion. Students also learn best practices for presenting information verbally and in writing, either formally (through reports and business correspondence) or informally (through memos and e-mails).
  • Marketing Research and Strategic Applications (BUSAD X 409.25): One of the most important keys to success in business is knowing how to gather important marketing information that identifies customer preferences and brings those preferences to bear on consumer communications. In this course, students learn how to gather information about the marketplace that refines marketing campaigns and avoids wasteful spending on unlikely buyers. Students also explore aspects vital to identifying and understanding sales and marketing opportunities, customer prospects, product and service requirements, buying and usage patterns, product awareness, and customer satisfaction.
  • Principles and Practice of Public Relations (BUSAD X 401.30): With digital devices dominating an ever-expanding informational environment, knowing how to communicate effectively is essential to the survival of an organization. Serving this need, public relations is the communications bridge between an organization and its key publics. With a dual focus on its academic foundation and practical implementation, this course introduces you to the principles and practice, of public relations.
  • Principles of Marketing (BUSAD X409.65): In today’s highly competitive marketplace, effective marketing is a core requirement of any successful organization. A well conceived strategic marketing plan supported by effective execution is essential to profitable business growth and/or nonprofit success. This course, which provides an overview of marketing and the marketing process, is designed for those new to marketing or those trained in other disciplines. Course participants use these tools and ideas to create a strategic marketing plan for a product or service of their choice.
  • Strategic Business Development for the Global Marketplace (BUSASD X411.1): To be competitive in the global economy, businesses must incorporate integrated strategic business planning into their daily operations. In this course, students create business plans for product concepts to be sold in the global marketplace. Students will gain practical knowledge of the essential marketing and management tools required to compete successfully. Topics include: creating the key components of a business plan;  u

    nderstanding and interpreting core corporate financial reports; researching and identifying potential market niches; t

    argeting and persuading global customers; identifying and developing leadership and business communication skills needed to work across the cultures.


Recommendations from my clients, colleagues, and students follow:

Pernell Marsh, former student at UCLA Extension

“This is my fourth online class with NU, and Matthew Gilbert was by far the best teacher I’ve had so far. He responded within minutes of emails and texts if it was an emergency or a problem came up. He was very understanding that life can take a turn sometimes and some problems that arise were out of our hands.” – A former online Public Speaking student at National University

“I am a student at National University who just took the first on campus class. Mr. Gilbert was my instructor for Communications 103. Before the class, I was a very shy when it came to speaking in front of a class or audience. Through his teaching, techniques and activities in class, I learned to not fear public speaking and also how to prepare my self before speaking in front of the class. I want to recognize him for his great job as a teacher in this class. I learned a lot through him.” – A former on-campus Public Speaking student at National University

“I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I have learned in this class. I came into it with quite a few years of marketing experience but knowing hardly anything about social media after being in an operations role for the past 8 years. Now I feel as if, with the help of the appropriate team members, I could plan and orchestrate a social media program on my own…I’m also grateful for the class in that it has opened doors for me during my job search. Being downsized and unemployed for the first time in 26 years is no fun, but the class kept me and my brain going. Without sounding too sappy, this course could not have come along at a better time – it literally kept me going on those days when headhunters and colleagues weren’t calling!” – A former New Media Marketing student at UCLA Extension

“Mr. G is a superior instructor who leads his students with an authentic hunger for acquiring and sharing new knowledge. His course at UCSB is thought provoking, and interactive. Mr. G sets himself above the rest by launching students in new directions of thought and following through as a partner in their learning process. I will never hesitate to send Mr. G an email or Tweet – ‘cant say that about many professors.” Amanda Kastelic, former student at UCSB Extension

“I personally hired Matthew to teach English and Business courses for the Bakersfield Center of DeVry University. During my tenure with the school he consistently received high ratings from students and was known for implementing suggested changes regarding curriculum, teaching style or administrative issues. He is of high integrity and willing to do what is needed to help students reach success. He prepares for his classes, engages students in the learning process and many seek him out as a mentor. His dedication to the learning process has also inspired other faculty members and he has been used to help train other faculty. I highly recommend Matthew!”Barry J. Bailey, MBA, Director at ITT Technical Institute and Principal of The Barry Bailey Group

“I want to thank you for teaching this class.  You made it fun, enjoyable and helped take the fear out of public speaking for me.  I almost feel that I can conquer the world after this class. You made it easy for me to be comfortable and I even feel different when I am teaching my CPR classes now. I thought that it was important for me to tell you outside of the course reflection how much I appreciate your time and energy that you put in.” — Evie Bakalian, former online Public Speaking student at National University

“In our time working together, Matthew quickly proved himself a bright and capable person with good marketing insight and thorough attention to detail.” Mike Charlasch, former manager at Princess Cruises

“I was fortunate to work closely with Matthew and found him to be a strategic and creative collaborator with an innate understanding of how to appeal to our target audience. He is extremely proficient in handling the nuances of our various constituents, including patients and donors, and was always interested in advancing his own knowledge and skills. It was a pleasure to work with Matt” Roya Alt, former manager at City of Hope

“Matthew was my UCLA instructor on Social Media Marketing and New Media. I knew I was in store for an amazing and epiphanous learning experience from the moment I perused his in-depth syllabus. Throughout his well-planned semester, I received personalized feedback, critique and input. I learned how to leverage social media for marketing purposes from an enthusiastic expert. There are innumerable charlatans claiming to be “Social Media Gurus and Experts”. Matthew “Mr. G” Gilbert, however, is the real deal. I would take any course of learning from him in the future.” Shay Gross, Business Development/Marketing Manager and UCLA Extension Student.

“Matt was instrumental in the early branding work for my financial planning company. He helped clarify my vision into something workable. I would recommend him highly if you need marketing or branding work done.” Yuksel Ulgen, former student at UCSB Extension


I invite you to connect with me via the information below or find me online at any of the social media profiles I’ve listed:


  • Gmail E-mail: mttglbrt @ gmail.com
  • Google Voice Google Voice: 661-513-3370
  • Skype Skype: matthew.a.gilbert
  • Mail Address: P.O. Box 968,
    Carpinteria, CA 93014