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Guided by the motto “learn continuously, live generatively” I am a business professor and corporate trainer bolstered by my background as a writer, marketer, and speaker.

Matthew A. Gilbert, MBA: Business Instructor and Instructional Designer

As a business professor I teach communication, management, and marketing courses to adult learners online and on campuses throughout Southern California. Embracing an opportunity abroad, since September 2014 I have taught undergraduates in the College of Business at Jumeira University in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

In corporate settings I’ve conducted on site business writing, communication, and decision-making workshops for a Fortune 500 pharmaceuticals and health care products company. I also designed computer-based training modules for 15,000 shipboard employees of a leading cruise line.

Leveraging my subject matter expertise I develop classes that achieve the learning objectives of organizations along with academic courses that are delivered on campus and online with Blackboard, Canvas, eCollege, edX, Moodle, Sakai — plus a platform that delivers curriculum via an iPad app. I have also created commercial online video training courses about e-learning, online marketing, SEO, and social media.

A lifelong writer, I author scholarly papers and feature articles. Since 2007 I have published Doctorious, a blog about my adventures in academia. I also wrote EdX E-Learning Course Development — a book for educators developing MOOC courses for the edX learning management system (to be published in 2015 by Packt Publishing). I am an unrepentant fan of the Oxford comm; the semicolon is also a guilty pleasure.

As a marketer I have managed people, products, and projects in the entertainment, healthcare, non-profit, publishing, and technology segments. Notably, I prepared an expert witness report for the defendants in Burnett vs. Young, et al. (alleged copyright infringement via social media in the Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen song “Good Time”). Citing social media statistics and outlining the impact of user behavior related to the case my report influenced the plaintiff to drop her case, earning the defendants $500,000 in royalties.

A charismatic speaker I use sincerity, humor, and storytelling to connect with audiences; education, leadership, management, social media, and technology are my main topics. If you’re looking for a unique approach to a timely topic ask me about my signature speech, “Superman: Manager of Steel.”

Educationally, I earned an MBA from Woodbury University and a Bachelor’s degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from UC Santa Barbara (where I was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa). I also completed coursework in an organizational leadership doctoral program at Pepperdine University.

Raised near San Francisco, but born in Boston, I am a Bruins, Celtics, Patriots, and Red Sox fan. Fascinated with flight, I’ve had a lifelong love of aviation, science fiction, and superheroes — especially Superman. When I am earthbound you can find me living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Below you will find my Statement of Teaching Philosophy and my Statement of Teaching Interests:

Statement of Teaching Philosophy

Internalizing Søren Kierkegaard’s idea that “to be a teacher in the right sense is to be a learner,” I join with my students on a journey of generative learningSensitive to the unique experiences, challenges, and learning styles of adult learners, I assign projects relevant to their personal and professional perspectives. Believing education should create community, not competition, I combine learning with laughter to construct a collaborative classroom. Interdisciplinary, I welcome varied viewpoints and encourage my students to own their education. Motivated to “learn continuously and live generatively” I embrace education because it empowers me to shape the lives of others while giving my life greater meaning.

Statement of Teaching Interests

Acting as a “guide on the side” and not a “sage on the stage” I prepare practical yet transformational educational experiences about business, communication, and computer applications. A professional marketer and communicator for more than 20 years, I integrate my experience managing people, products, and projects into my classes. I teach students in undergraduate, graduate, and professional development programs through traditional, blended, and entirely online environments using the Blackboard, Canvas, eCollege, edX, Moodle, and Sakai learning management systems. Knowing that without relevance a discovery is depreciated, I encourage students to leverage what they learn in class to achieve their objectives outside of it. My interests as an educator are aligned with the intersection of technology and humanity. Given this, I am most interested in teaching courses about the following subjects:

  • Academic Writing
  • Business Administration
  • Business Ethics
  • Business Writing
  • Communication
  • Computer Applications
  • Critical Thinking
  • Information Technology
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Public Speaking
  • Social Media Marketing


Below are descriptions for selected courses I have taught and/or for which I have created curriculum followed by an alphabetical listing of every course I have taught:

Jumeira University

  • Business Ethics (BU 205): This course is designed to discuss the ethical analysis of business activity and practices. It provides an explanation of how business actions and decisions are taken in the light of ethical principles and moral values. In addition, it asks whether ethical motives in business activity would make business better and more successful. The principle focus in this course will be to examine the role and purpose of ethics in business. It will present methods of moral reasoning, case analysis, and discuss resolving ethical dilemmas. The course investigates the ethical obligations and ethical ideals present in the relationship between employers and employees. Finally, the course will investigate whether ethics sets any boundaries on competition, marketing, sales, and advertising.
  • Business Policies (BU 305): The course introduces students to business strategy, discussing the basic concepts about strategy formulation and implementation. Students will compare and contrast the different levels of strategy; corporate, business and market strategies. Students will study the key strategic tools and models utilized in analyzing the firm, the market and the environment. The course aims at providing students with the relevant theoretical foundation reinforced by relevant case studies in order to enhance their analytical and decision making skill in the area of strategic management. Students should be able to make justified decisions; choosing amongst available options and set strategic action plans to make strategies work, in pursuit of sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Critical Thinking (GE 131): This course is designed to introduce students to the concept of argument. It will introduce the key concepts involved in critical thinking and provide students with skills they need to be able to identify and analyze the structure of arguments in academic and other texts and conversation. Students are expected to be able to formulate their own arguments and evaluate others’ arguments identifying why an argument is good or bad and explain why. Key concepts of academic discipline, including truth and falsity, rational and irrational beliefs, theory, method, proof, evidence and symbolic logic will be introduced.
  • International Business Environment (BU 304): This course provides an introduction to international business, discussing the basic concepts about globalization and international trade. Students will compare and contrast the effect of various international organizations in regulating the international markets. Students will study the key strategic tools and models utilized by multinational organizations to compete in the global market. This course aims to provide students with the relevant theoretical foundation endorsed by relevant real life examples in order to enhance their skill in the area of international strategic management. Students should be able to assess the role of international entrepreneurship and the importance of research and development on the competitive advantage of multinationals competing in the global market.
  • Introduction to Events Management (BAev 312): The course examines the main attributes of the events industry. It covers the diverse range of events, classification of events, history of events, economic and environmental impact of events, event ethics and sponsorship of events and the importance of events to the social and economic development of communities. Career choices and roles and responsibilities within the event management industry are covered. Students are expected to demonstrate the key competencies required to plan and implement an event against the stated criteria.
  • Organizational Behavior (BU 204): This course covers basic analysis and applications of modern theories and techniques for understanding human behavior in organizational contexts. This course discusses the basic knowledge on the dynamics, determinants, and outcomes of individual and group behavior in organizations. Topics covered include determinants of motivation, individual and group decision making, organizational communication, team dynamics, leadership, power and politics in organizations, and conflict resolution.
  • Principles of Management (BU 102): This course introduces the basic concepts of management theory. The course discusses the evolution of management theory and the subsequent impact on the business environment. Topics covered include the principles of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling in the context of Business Management. The course discusses the importance of soft skills in conjunction with the relevant hard skills for effective management of organizations.


National University

  • Advanced Social Media Marketing for Business (MKT 654): Mastering business using social media is about sustaining relationships with customers and tracking them throughout the supply chain. Customer Relationship Management and the three M’s will be covered: Monitoring, Measurement, Metrics. Case studies will be used throughout the course to illustrate the mastery of the subject.
  • Intro to Interpersonal Communication (COM 120): An introduction to the principals and application behind effective interpersonal communication. Students will study various styles of interpersonal communication, apply different techniques, and evaluate their effectiveness. Important components of interpersonal communication that include listening, conflict management, and developing and maintaining relationships will be addressed in the personal and professional setting.
  • Intro to Mass Communication (COM 100): Survey course that many students take to fulfill a general education requirement. It is also a prerequisite for further in-depth studies in the field of communication. The course examines the cultural, linguistic and institutional factors that shape even the most everyday talk or exchange of information. It also looks at the major mass media industries, including books and newspapers, TV and radio, film, advertising, and the Internet. Through readings and projects, the course introduces students to the history and evolution of the media as well as rhetorical analysis and theories used to study the media.
  • Organizational Communication (COM 344): Provides for the study and application of current theories and research on communication within and among organizations. Includes the study of the influence of management styles on organizational communication. Discussion of communication structure, functions, contexts in organizations, and communication ethics in organizations.
  • Public Speaking (COM 103): Introduction to the principles and practices of spoken communication, with special emphasis on the skills needed to communicate effectively in the workplace. Topics include platform techniques, interpersonal communication strategies, cross-cultural approaches and small group methods.


UCLA Extension

  • Consumer Behavior (MGMNT X 460.300): We are all consumers. We use Facebook, Match.com, Groupon, and have our favorite stores and brands. But why? In business there lies an importance to adopt a customer focus. Marketing, in particular, begins and ends with the customer–from determining wants and needs to ensuring post-purchase satisfaction. Moreover, even the same consumer can make different decisions depending on the situation. So as marketers, how do we create sound marketing strategies? With this class, where you learn how and why consumers behave the way they do.
  • New Media Marketing (MGMNT X 460.394): This fast-paced course discusses how the Internet, the digital revolution, and the technological pace of change have dramatically changed the way products are marketed, promoted, and sold. To succeed in this new economy, marketing and advertising concepts must embrace evolving phenomena, such as Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, podcasts, webinars, and blogs, social networking and virtual communities, mobile devices, and geo-local. You must learn to use these new tools and concepts to their optimal advantage to maintain an edge in today’s economy. Since email is still the best lead generation program for companies (followed closely by website registrations), this course explores email marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), website development and design and many more internet marketing methods and concepts. Applicable for both veteran marketers who want to broaden their skill sets and newcomers to the marketing world, you will learn key marketing concepts along with the new techniques required to compete in a highly competitive economy. By course’s end, you leave with a new approach for marketing more effectively.
  • Consumer Market Research (MGMNT X 466.000): Providing a comprehensive and practical approach to conducting relevant, useful marketing and advertising research, this course examines consumer behavior and how it can influence marketing and advertising decision-making as well as methodologies in order to gather primary and secondary research data, analyze and interpret that data, and make recommendations based on research activities. Instruction also explores the use of surveys and focus groups–on and offline–as well as conventional research methods. Students build valuable skills and techniques needed to tabulate, analyze, and present market research data, the foundation of a well conceived marketing strategy.
  • Social Media Marketing (MGMNT X 460.398A): Social networking sites, contain millions of user profiles. This course looks at the new channels of marketing, advertising, and communication that make up social media and the Web, exploring how these tools fit into a company’s traditional integrated marketing strategy. Using case studies and real-world examples from large corporations and small business, students explore current examples and future opportunities of how marketing professionals embrace online social networks, user-generated content and content sharing, blogs, and Twitter, to create brand awareness and buzz. Learn practical tips and techniques as well as see the bigger picture to help successfully leverage social media marketing for your own environment and purpose.


List of Courses Taught

  • Advanced Composition (ENGL 135), DeVry University
  • Advanced Social Media Marketing for Business (MKT 654), National University
  • Business Ethics (BU 205), Jumeira University
  • Business Ethics (BUS 309), Strayer University
  • Business Policy (BUS 490), Strayer University
  • Business Policies (BU 305), Jumeira University
  • Buying Behavior (BUSAD X409.47), UCSB Extension
  • Composition (ENGL 112), DeVry University
  • Computer Applications for Business with Lab (COMP 100), DeVry University
  • Consumer Behavior (MGMNT X460.300), UCLA Extension
  • Consumer Market Research (MGMNT X 466.000), Empowered UCLA Extension
  • Contemporary Business Communication (COM 140), University of Phoenix
  • Critical Thinking (GE 131), Jumeira University
  • Current Issues in Business Management (BUS 510), Nobel University
  • Data Analysis with Spreadsheets with Lab (BIS 155), DeVry University
  • Digital Forensics (IST 245), Argosy University
  • Effective Essay Writing (COM 150), University of Phoenix
  • Effective Persuasive Writing (COM 120), University of Phoenix
  • Excel 2010, Level II, Conejo Valley Adult School
  • Fundamentals of E-Business (BUS 107), Strayer University
  • International Business Environment (BU 304), Jumeira University
  • Introduction to Events Management (BAev 312), Jumeira University
  • International Trade and Finance (BUS 510), Nobel University
  • Intro to Interpersonal Communication (COM 120), National University
  • Intro to Mass Communication (COM 100), National University
  • Introduction to Business (BUS 100), Strayer University
  • Introduction to Business and Technology (BUSN 115), DeVry University
  • Introduction to Social Media for Business (MGT 590E), Antioch University
  • Marketing Research and Strategic Applications (BUSAD X409.25), UCSB Extension
  • Marketing Your Business with Twitter, Empowered UCLA Extension
  • New Media Marketing (MGMNT X460.394), UCLA Extension
  • New Media Marketing (X460.394), Empowered UCLA Extension
  • Organizational Behavior (BU 204), Jumeira University
  • Organizational Communication (COM 344), National University
  • PC Hardware and Software with Lab (COMP 129), DeVry University
  • Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship (XLRN 861.9), Summer Discovery at UC Santa Barbara
  • Principles and Practice of Public Relations (BUSAD X401.30), UCSB Extension
  • Principles of Management (BU 102), Jumeira University
  • Principles of Management (MGMT 303), DeVry University
  • Principles of Marketing (BUSAD X409.65), UCSB Extension
  • Production Management (BUS 543), Nobel University
  • Professional Writing (ENGL 227), DeVry University
  • Project Management (MGMT 404), DeVry University
  • Public Speaking (COM 103), National University
  • Research Writing (COM 220), University of Phoenix
  • Social Media Marketing (MGMNT X 460.398A), UCLA Extension
  • Social Networking and Fan Management (MUBUS-304), Musicians Institute
  • Student Leadership Development (XLRN 861.6), Summer Discovery at UC Santa Barbara
  • University Composition and Communication I (COM 155), University of Phoenix
  • University Composition and Communication II (COM 156), University of Phoenix
  • Web Authoring Tools (IST 255), Argosy University
  • Word 2010, Level II, Conejo Valley Adult School
  • Written Communication (COM 215), University of Phoenix


Andy Dick
Comedian, actor, musician, and television/film producer.

  • Spearheaded marketing and business issues related to the redesign of AndyDick.com.


BowTie, Inc. (FKA Fancy Publications)
Privately-held publisher of more than two dozen pet magazines and books.

  • Created presentations and wrote copy for media kits used by sales representatives.


Bruce McLucas, MD
UCLA-based obstetrician-gynecologist specializing in uterine artery embolization.

  • Analyzed Fibroids.com for SEO strength and prepared a report with my analysis and recommendations.


Cherry Norris
Author, filmmaker, entrepreneur, and love coach.


Cigars by Chivas
Privately-owned cigar shop located in Old Town Pasadena.

  • Rebranded this tobacco retailer’s online presence and integrated a Miva Merchant e-commerce system.
  • Took or obtained photos of more than 200 cigar and tobacco products, writing sales copy for each.


Click411, Inc.
Yellow and white page directory and information portal.


Cozy Toes Nail Spa
Nail spa offering manicures, pedicures, skin care, waxing, and massage services.

  • Rebranded business cards, brochures, point of purchase displays, coupons, and the website.
  • Increased search engine rankings and traffic to the company’s website by 100 percent.


DavidBowie.com (BowieNet)
The official David Bowie web site.

  • Coordinated live chats with pianist Mike Garson and Emmy-winning comedian Eddie Izzard.


Dynamic Technology Group
Privately-held group of technology-based businesses serving the home audio/video and automotive segments.

  • Developed training procedures for home audio/video installation technicians.
  • Worked with owner to revise traffic school class curriculum and materials.


Epic Innovations
Privately-held Las Vegas-based firm offering a complete range of marketing services.

  • Designed graphics, produced Flash intros, programmed websites in ASP and HTML.


Intermezzo Massage
Independent masseuse offering integrative bodywork, meditative massage therapy, and energy healing.


International Society for the Preservation of Women in Railroading
Independent masseuse offering integrative bodywork, meditative massage therapy, and energy healing.

  • Launched the original version of WomeninRailroading.com, the organization’s website.


Jim Walker
World-renowned flutist and music instructor at the University of Southern California.

  • Redesigned JimWalkerFlute.com, the website of this flutist, composer, and USC professor.


Privately-held business development firm serving the entertainment segment.

  • Identified and created materials to attract candidates to clients’ sponsorship opportunities.


Marco Pelusi
Haircolor artist and hair stylist who sells his own line of professional haircare products.

  • Designed a website and branded Blogger template promoting the hair salon and hair care products.


Mike Garson
Composer and pianist who has recorded and toured with David Bowie, Smashing Pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails.

  • Designed and managed MikeGarson.com, the website of this pianist and composer.
  • Negotiated the $60,000 sale of two domain names along with a licensing agreement.
  • Managed the production and marketing of two contemporary classical albums.


Medical supply purchasing service.

  • Conceptualized the visual identity and designed the original corporate logo.


Princess Cruises
One of eleven cruise ship brands owned by Carnival Corporation, the world’s largest cruise ship operator.

  • Designed an inaugural leadership development program and supervised 11 college interns
  • Designed and revised computer-based training modules for 15,000 shipboard employees.


Robert A. Finkelstein, Esq.
Attorney for Frank Sinatra Enterprises.

  • Developed and implemented a backup strategy for critical legal and personal documents.


Roberts Partners
Los Angeles-based law firm specializing in “quit tam” lawsuits (fraud against the government).


RTJ Financial Management, Inc
Privately-held investment and financial management firm.

  • Crafted copy and coordinated design and production of a brochure and presentation folder.


San Fernando Valley Business Journal
Weekly newspaper with 10,000 print and 14,000 online subscribers.

  • Wrote profiles of leaders and businesses in the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valleys.


Santa Clarita Sun
An independent community newspaper published quarterly.

  • Develop stories for print and online versions of this quarterly 50,000-circulation paper.


STR Business Media
Publisher of advertising solutions for toll free numbers and web addresses in the US.

  • Managed online advertising for this 800-number directory at InternetTollFree.com.
  • Designed 125×125 pixel tile ads and 120×60 pixel logos for use by website advertisers.


Wingate Dunross, Inc.
Privately-held executive and technical search firm. 

  • Redesigned this search firm’s online identity at WDSearch.com; currently host the website.


Woodbury University
Private, non-profit, and nonsectarian university with 1,300 undergraduate and 300 graduate students.

  • Developed an Executive Education program in partnership with the School of Business Chair.
  • Created a prototype website and e-mail template along with program administrative elements.


Below are books, blogs, scholarly papers, newspaper articles, and magazine features I have written — along with works in which I have been cited. I have also presented many of these at academic conferences and industry events where I gave speeches related to the topics below.


  • Gilbert, M. (2015). edX E-Learning Course Development. Birmingham, UK: Packt Publishing. Manuscript in preparation.
  • McNamara, J. & Gilbert, M. (n.d.). Entrepreneur’s guide to human resource management and the law. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger. Note: canceled by publisher.


Refereed Academic Journals

Refereed Conference Publications

Refereed Conference Proceedings

Other Publications

  • Gilbert, M. (2005, March 28). At classic wire, they’re all brothers but only one boss. San Fernando Valley Business Journal. Vol. 10 (7) (p. 16).
  • Gilbert, M. (2004, August 30). Safety net: Wonder Years baby proofing helps give parents peace of mind by customizing houses to keep hazards for children at a minimum. San Fernando Valley Business Journal. Vol. 9 (18) (p. 30).
  • Gilbert, M. (2004, August 2). Royal reputation: Diane Knight’s persistence and a passion for baking has kept her Lady Di’s cookies in Valencia a local favorite despite news events beyond her control. San Fernando Valley Business Journal. Vol. 9 (16) (p. 22).
  • Gilbert, M. (2004, April). Preparedness, prevention and education: Your family’s strategy for survival in an emergency. LA Parent. Vol. 24 (4) (pp. 16-19).
  • Gilbert, M. (2004, March). Marc Germain: Mr. KABC. UCSB Alumni Association “Coastlines.” Vol. 35 (2) (p. 34).
  • Gilbert, M. (2003, February 17). Targeted campaigns bring in repeat donations. Marketing News. Vol. 37 (4) (p. 15).
  • Gilbert, M. (1996). Greek pride for life: UC Santa Barbara Greeks adorned their bodies with various tattoos, proving that Greek pride was more than skin deep. La Cumbre. Vol. 75 (pp. 88-91).
  • Gilbert, M. (1995). Doing it alone: For single parents, school often took a back seat to the needs of their children. La Cumbre. Vol. 74 (pp. 42-43).

Works Cited In


Listed below are academic and professional events at which I presented scholarly papers or gave speeches related to my subject matter expertise. If you would like me to speak at your event or organization please reach out and contact me!

Academic Conferences

Invited Presentations

  • Gilbert, M. (2014, February 26). Mixiplicity: The 4P’s of Your Marketing Mix. Given to students enrolled in BUSAD X411.1, Strategic Business Development for the Global Marketplace at UC Santa Barbara Extension, Santa Barbara, CA.
  • Gilbert, M. (2014, February 12). Leadership: Influencing by Communicating. Given to students enrolled in BUSAD X411.1, Strategic Business Development for the Global Marketplace at UC Santa Barbara Extension, Santa Barbara, CA.
  • Gilbert, M. (2013, November 20). Caveat Tweeter: Legal Issues and Social Media. Given online using ClassLive Pro via eCollege to MBA students in Marketing 653, Introduction to Social Media Marketing.
  • Gilbert, M. (2013, November 13). Leadership: Influencing by Communicating. Given to students enrolled in BUSAD X411.1, Strategic Business Development for the Global Marketplace at UC Santa Barbara Extension, Santa Barbara, CA.
  • Gilbert, M. (2013, February 23). Individual Goal Setting. Given to undergraduate students at the Theta Chi Fraternity Mid-Year Leadership Conference held at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Gilbert, M. (2013, February 14). Marketing Your Non-Profit with Social Media. Given to community members and students of Antioch University, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA.
  • Gilbert, M. (2013, January 30). Sharing your story with social media. Given to individuals and small business owners on behalf of S.E. Consulting at the Curious Cup, Carpinteria, CA.
  • Gilbert, M. (2004, November). Clear Pixel Communications: An overview and introduction. Speech given to the inaugural meeting of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO), Woodbury University, Burbank, CA.
  • Gilbert, M. (2003, May). Analyze Clearly: A strategic summary of Clear Pixel Communications. Speech given to Communications 530 (graduate class of Joseph E. Massey, PhD), California State University, Fullerton, CA.


View samples of my work below or explore my presentations and my writing online; please contact me for my CV.

Educational Videos (Corporate)
Educational Videos (Live Action)
Educational Videos (Screen Capture)
Handouts, Activities, and Exercises 
Papers and Publications
Presentations and Speeches
Syllabi and Scripts


Kudos from my clients, colleagues, and students follow:

Pernell Marsh, former student at UCLA Extension

National University“This is my fourth online class with NU, and Matthew Gilbert was by far the best teacher I’ve had so far. He responded within minutes of emails and texts if it was an emergency or a problem came up. He was very understanding that life can take a turn sometimes and some problems that arise were out of our hands.” – Former online Public Speaking student at National University

National University“I am a student at National University who just took the first on campus class. Mr. Gilbert was my instructor for Communications 103. Before the class, I was a very shy when it came to speaking in front of a class or audience. Through his teaching, techniques and activities in class, I learned to not fear public speaking and also how to prepare my self before speaking in front of the class. I want to recognize him for his great job as a teacher in this class. I learned a lot through him.” – Former on-campus Public Speaking student at National University


UCLA Extension“I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I have learned in this class. I came into it with quite a few years of marketing experience but knowing hardly anything about social media after being in an operations role for the past 8 years. Now I feel as if, with the help of the appropriate team members, I could plan and orchestrate a social media program on my own…I’m also grateful for the class in that it has opened doors for me during my job search. Being downsized and unemployed for the first time in 26 years is no fun, but the class kept me and my brain going. Without sounding too sappy, this course could not have come along at a better time – it literally kept me going on those days when headhunters and colleagues weren’t calling!” – Former New Media Marketing student at UCLA Extension

Amanda Kastelic“Mr. G is a superior instructor who leads his students with an authentic hunger for acquiring and sharing new knowledge. His course at UCSB is thought provoking, and interactive. Mr. G sets himself above the rest by launching students in new directions of thought and following through as a partner in their learning process. I will never hesitate to send Mr. G an email or Tweet – ‘cant say that about many professors.” Amanda Kastelic, former student at UCSB Extension

Barry Bailey, MBA“I personally hired Matthew to teach English and Business courses for the Bakersfield Center of DeVry University. During my tenure with the school he consistently received high ratings from students and was known for implementing suggested changes regarding curriculum, teaching style or administrative issues. He is of high integrity and willing to do what is needed to help students reach success. He prepares for his classes, engages students in the learning process and many seek him out as a mentor. His dedication to the learning process has also inspired other faculty members and he has been used to help train other faculty. I highly recommend Matthew!”Barry J. Bailey, MBA, Director at ITT Technical Institute and Principal of The Barry Bailey Group

National University“I want to thank you for teaching this class.  You made it fun, enjoyable and helped take the fear out of public speaking for me.  I almost feel that I can conquer the world after this class. You made it easy for me to be comfortable and I even feel different when I am teaching my CPR classes now. I thought that it was important for me to tell you outside of the course reflection how much I appreciate your time and energy that you put in.” — Evie Bakalian, former online Public Speaking student at National University

Mike Charlasch“In our time working together, Matthew quickly proved himself a bright and capable person with good marketing insight and thorough attention to detail.” – Mike Charlasch, former manager at Princess Cruises

Rob JupilleMatt was instrumental in the early branding work for my financial planning company. He helped clarify my vision into something workable. I would recommend him highly if you need marketing or branding work done.” – Rob Jupille, Owner, RTJ Financial Management, Inc.

Roya Alt“I was fortunate to work closely with Matthew and found him to be a strategic and creative collaborator with an innate understanding of how to appeal to our target audience. He is extremely proficient in handling the nuances of our various constituents, including patients and donors, and was always interested in advancing his own knowledge and skills. It was a pleasure to work with Matt” Roya Alt, former manager at City of Hope

Shay Gross“Matthew was my UCLA instructor on Social Media Marketing and New Media. I knew I was in store for an amazing and epiphanous learning experience from the moment I perused his in-depth syllabus. Throughout his well-planned semester, I received personalized feedback, critique and input. I learned how to leverage social media for marketing purposes from an enthusiastic expert. There are innumerable charlatans claiming to be “Social Media Gurus and Experts”. Matthew “Mr. G” Gilbert, however, is the real deal. I would take any course of learning from him in the future.” Shay Gross, former UCLA Extension Student


Vikram Dhillon“I have learned valuable information from Mr. Gilbert that I will use in my future career. His classes are full of excitement and it’s guaranteed that a student will not fall asleep during his awakening lectures! His lectures are captivating and engaging because he always finds a way to make the subjects in the book more interesting.  Mr. Gilbert applies his knowledge from previous opportunities and uses the information for his lectures. This type of teaching is rare because most professors are indolent and just teach right out of the given book.” – Vikram Dhillon , former student at DeVry University

Yuksel Ulgen“Matt was instrumental in the early branding work for my financial planning company. He helped clarify my vision into something workable. I would recommend him highly if you need marketing or branding work done.” – Yuksel Ulgen, former student at UCSB Extension


Below is a stream with excerpts from my five most recent blog posts and my five most recent tweets.

Social media has revolutionized the way we live, but how can we leverage it for learning? In 2013 59.2% of nearly 8,000 higher education participants in a Babson Survey Research Group and Pearson survey agreed “the interactive nature of online and mobile technologies can create better learning environments.” Additionally, 41% currently use social media in […] […]

Wed, Feb 25, 2015
Source: doctorious

How do you identify and achieve your goals? In the video below I am presenting an individual goal setting session at the Mid-Year Leadership Conference of Theta Chi Fraternity at UCLA on Saturday, February 23, 2013. Having helped found the (dearly departed) UC Santa Barbara chapter of Theta Chi it was an honor to participate in this event as […] […]

Sun, Feb 22, 2015
Source: doctorious

“You say you want a revolution Well, you know We all want to change the world You tell me that it’s evolution Well, you know We all want to change the world…” — The Beatles, Revolution As 2014 draws to a close people start listing resolutions they intend to achieve in 2015. Although well intended, […] […]

Tue, Dec 30, 2014
Source: doctorious

Serendipity+? Yesterday I recorded a video for my online UCLA Extension Social Media Marketing course (MGMNT X460.398A) in an area under construction near my apartment in the Sports City area of Dubai, UAE. I’ve been living her shortly after I started teaching for Jumeira University this September. Designed to mirror the content of Gary Vaynerchuck’s book Jab, Jab, Jab, […] […]

Sat, Nov 29, 2014
Source: doctorious

“I don’t Twitter, I don’t MyFace, I don’t YearBook.” — Bill Belichick, Coach of the New England Patriots There are two kinds of people in this world: people who love Twitter and people who love to hate Twitter; there seems to be very little room in between. Unlike the coach of my favorite NFL team, I […] […]

Thu, Nov 20, 2014
Source: doctorious



I invite you to connect with me via the information below or find me online at any of the social media profiles I’ve listed:


  • Gmail E-mail: mttglbrt @ gmail.com
  • Google Voice Google Voice: 661-513-3370
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